Partner Services

Our partners consist of Tax, CPA, Financial and Insurance firms of all sizes. Our partnership enables them to offer bookkeeping services to all of their clients.

  • Client Retention

    Ensure your clients remain yours by signing non disclosure and confidential agreements

  • Transparency

    Complete access to data and work performed

  • Reporting

    Monthly billing activity reports 

  • Support

    A live person to answer all questions via telephone & virtual meetings

  • No contracts

    long term contractual agreements 


  • Assessment

    Meet in person or online to discuss and review current financials

  • Quotation

    Review financials and present quote with recommendations along with a plan of action

  • Onboarding

    Scan all documents, set up software and finalize business processes & procedures

  • Training

    Teach how to use the software and mobile tools

  • Get Started

    Get accustomed to your new and successful "Business Financial Nirvana" condition


  • 1
    Which type of businesses do you perform bookkeeping for?

    We specialize in technology, construction, trucking and franchise industries. But we welcome small and large businesses from all industries.

  • 2
    Does our firm have to perform any work?

    We will do all the heavy lifting by on boarding and setting up your client. There will be some items that will require your input and guidance, but we will always try to keep it to a minimum.

  • 3
    Do we have to be in your geographical area to use your services?

    Of course not. We are a true cloud enhanced firm and can work with any business within North America that has internet access.

  • 4
    Do we get any revenue by sharing our clients with you?

    Yes, that option is available and we can schedule a call to discuss.

  • 5
    Our firm has clients that use other financial software, like Peachtree, MS Dynamics, Etc. Will you work with them?

    Yes, we will work with them only after we have done a thorough analysis of their needs and requirements.